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The quality begins with love for the vineyard.

The love for the vineyards, the composition of the soils, the position of the vineyards on steep slopes facing the sun, the short pruning, the bunch thinning: all of this enable us to obtain grapes of the highest quality. The planting density is fairly high (7000 vines per hectare) so the vines have a low yield

Poggi vineyards

Grapes: Vermentino and Pigato

Soil: shallow, chalky clay loam; alkaline, rich in calcium.

Produces a refined, aromatic fruit.

Aspect: sud - east

Position: terraced hillside strips, average incline of 35%

Planting/training: guyot

Planting density: 7,000 plants per hectare

Year of planting: 2005

Our Wines


This is certainly the most important grape variety of Liguria.

The ‘Saglietto’ Vermentino is a wine with a golden colour, limpid lucent.

Slightly fruity it has a delicate scent of apricot and aromatic herbs such as rosmary.

It should be served at 11/12 C degrees.


The “Saglietto” Pigato is gold pale in colour with a greenish toning.

The gentle scent is intense of minerals, peaches, wild flowers and gorse, a mixture of aromatic herbs like thyme and rosmary.

It should be served at 11/12 C degrees.

Vermentino and Pigato are in fact a variety of Malvasia.