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"Saglietto" Taggiasca Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Cru Saglietto

The "Saglietto" oil is yellow in colour with a fine and intense aroma, some artichoke fragrance and a scent of aromatic herbs like mint and rosemary.

Its taste is elegant and soft with a fruity flavour of apples, pine nuts and almonds that varies from sweet to slightly spicy or bitter.

It is an ideal condiment for seafood, mixed salades, marinaded sea bass, mashed vegetables, crustaceans, fresh cheese and yeast-risen pastry.

With the same attention paid to the quality of their extra-virgin olive oil "Saglietto" prepare two bottled olive products:

Taggiasca olives (grown only in Liguria) pickled in brine (salt solution) and Olive paste of Taggiasca olives


Cru Bausi

The selection of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Cru Bausi" comes from olive groves owned by the Saglietto company and are hand-picked taggiasca olives of between november and december.

The olives are ground and cold-pressed within 48 hours after harvest in a mill of trust with granite millstones.

The Cru Bausi is ideal for uncooked use.